Teacher Secret Weapon

You’ve got the students engaged and excited to complete an activity… they’re reared up and ready to get to work… there is electricity in the air….


The choir starts….

“My pencil broke!”

“I don’t have a pencil!”

“My pencil won’t sharpen!”

All of that momentum is lost while you try to get the sharpener working… “Does someone have a pencil to lend Susie?” “Who sharpened a colored pencil in the sharpener?”

I have spent a small fortune on sharpeners for my classroom. My school gave me one, and I bought 3. None of them work – except the battery operated one that I keep at my desk. And even then – it is such a pain to get those little broken lead tips out when they get stuck. It’s also battery operated — totally not practical for high traffic use…

CUE the choir of angels… signifying the answer to all of your teacher prayers!

Classroom Friendly Supplies Pencil Sharpener

This pencil sharpener was designed by (and is sold by) a teacher.

Why is it so good??

  • It’s silent
  • Portable (or you can fastened it to a table/shelf)
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to unblock if lead gets stuck (which has only happened to me a couple of times in the last month and a half!)
  • It sharpens pencils to a perfect point! (not only is the point nice and sharp – but it’s a strong point… It’s the second week of school, and I haven’t had to sharpen any pencils!!! Crazy, right? I know we’re not using the pencils as much as we will – but we have definitely been using them… and with other sharpeners I’ve had to resharpen within the first hour, let alone the first week!)
  • It comes in a variety of CUTE/FUN colors!!! (Okay okay – nothing to do with how well it sharpens, but still a valid point!)

I also absolutely loved the packaging that it was delivered in…

pencil sharpener learning wholeheartedly

It also came with care instructions and directions for use.

I was super excited to get this sharpener – but it exceeded my expectations.. which I didn’t think was possible!

I highly recommend you check out the website… and rather than waste money on yet another electric sharpener… invest in this amazing sharpener, and support a fellow teacher while you’re at it. I think it’s awesome that this sharpener was designed by and is sold by a teacher! Totally makes sense that it would be this awesome! 😉


(there is also this video for more info)

If managing lost pencils is something you struggle with… stay tuned – I’ll share my solution to that problem soon!

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