Are You a Hot Mess Teacher?

Let’s be honest, at some point/s in the year we are all a hot mess. Usually it’s around report card time… or, right before a break.

However, there are also those teachers that are hot messes all year long… either you know who I am talking about, or you’re the hot mess.

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All of these examples are based on my life… (not currently…it’s summer… but at some point, all of these things have been true for me).

I just want to go on the record and say… if you are not, or never was, a hot mess teacher — you’re a unicorn!!

As a fourth year teacher, I’ve finally eliminated a couple of these phenomenon from my teacher life (not permanently, every once in a while they sneak up on me…but I’m doing better).

I’ve gotten into a routine with writing objectives in my planner… but my biggest accomplishment this past year, was to minimize (I won’t say eliminate) paperwork and keep on top of grading.

Grading Expiration Dates

If you haven’t graded something within 2 days of the students working on it, unless it’s a summative assessment – toss it. The feedback a grade will provide is useless after 2 days… students can no longer make the necessary adjustments to their learning/thinking.

Even better – don’t assign meaningless work that you don’t have time to grade. Assign performance tasks or use technology to formatively assess students – cutting back on manual grading.

Weekly Copies

Develop a system for organizing copies that requires cleaning out every week.

I have a drawer in my filing cabinet that has 5 sections (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…) and each section has a divider for every subject. I also have dividers for ‘to copy’ for master copies.

I have to clear out the folders every week – otherwise I have nowhere to put new copies for the week.

Master Copies

Have binders, folders, a filing cabinet…something – where you can put resources that you want to keep for next year.

I have another drawer in my filing cabinet for math and reading standards, there are also dividers for writing, science, and social studies. I put master copies of new resources in these folders – so as I am given a resource or as I find one… I have somewhere to put it. If it’s too complicated to put these masters away immediately – make a folder/divider for “to file”… and file masters away weekly.

That’s about it… it’s not rocket science, but it definitely took me some time to find a system that works for me. This may not be your system… but the key is to have a home for every type of paper that may be bestowed upon you, by students, parents, administrators, and coworkers. And…. throw things out!!! At the end of every day I make sure that all loose papers have been put away… it takes all of 2-3 minutes and saves my sanity! 

Were you a hot mess teacher last year? Are you currently a hot mess teacher? Or a recovering hot mess teacher like me? 

How do you keep organized with paperwork? Let us know in the comments – heaven knows we can use all the tips and advice we can get!! 

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