Starting a Student Led Class Blog

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  • Check in with your administrator. Make sure that they understand your vision for the blog and that they are on board. 
  • Introduce your students to the idea of a blog – read some student/class blogs with the students and have them identify what makes a good post good. Also discuss commenting and set some guidelines.
  • Decide on a platform – we used edublogs because it’s easy to connect with other class blogs, teachers, and students. But you could use any site that you feel is appropriate for your students and district.
  • Set up the blog – write an introduction piece.
  • Send home media release forms (so that you can include photos of students) – I adapted the social media release forms from Great Minds Teach Alike. If you are signed up for my newsletter, you should have received a free copy of my EduBlogs media release from – if you have not signed up yet, what are you waiting for?
  • Add a contributor account (if you go to “add users” you should be able to add a contributor) – this way you will have to approve posts and comments… students will not be able to post online without you reviewing it first.
  • Consider what your first posts will be.
    • We went with a book review created in Wixie – that way I saved the Wixie pages as images and just posted them for the students.
    • Our first “real” posts were group posts
      • Groups decided on a topic and divided up subtopics
      • Each individual wrote their portion/paragraph, revised, edited
      • The group came together to put all the paragraphs together
      • A student typed up the post
      • Another student checked it for errors
      • A student searched for an image to go along with the post
  • Last, students should comment on one another’s posts and respond to commenters.

You can read my student-led class blog here. We’d love for you to leave some comments.

Do you have a class blog?

What have you found to be the most important thing to ensure it is meaningful?

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