Avoiding the chaos of dismissal time

The bell rings for dismissal.

It becomes a free for all – students rushing to pack up – the teacher yelling last minute reminders, trying to get a handle on the chaos – the first bus is called – Carlos runs out without his permission slip…

Finally the room is silent and void of students. As the teacher catches her breath amidst the war zone (well, it might as well be). The next ten minutes are spent stacking forgotten chairs, throwing away questionable tissues, and wrangling AWOL pencils.

What if I told you that this is not the only way. There is another way, and it’s pretty simple to implement. It simply requires consistency and clear expectations.

After my first year teaching, I was FED UP with dismissal and ending my day frazzled and relieved to have my students gone. That’s not the teacher I wanted to be, and it’s not the type of environment I wanted for my students. Also, our students often live in chaotic homes – I wanted dismissal to be one last moment of calm for them, before they had to go home.

dismissal routine learning wholeheartedly.jpg



My students last year could not handle going to the carpet… here is my variation on the above mentioned routine… it may also be a better option for you?

dismissal routine2 learning wholeheartedly.jpg

3 Essential Things to Remember

  • This process takes some time at first – so make sure to begin dismissal early for the first few weeks
  • Be consistent – make sure students understand your expectations – if a student talks – send them back…
  • They should become more efficient every day — you could start timing them and see if they can beat their “best time”
  • The reason why dismissal is so crazy is because we feel like we have a time limit and if the students don’t leave as they’re called…off with her headThat being said – DO NOT PANIC!! Send students back to their seats if they talk… what’s the worst thing that can happen? You have to call to have a bus held for a student? Do it! Students will know if you feel powerless during dismissal and they’ll take advantage of it. Just remember to leave enough time for this process as students are learning who is boss…I mean, as they are learning the new routine. But in all seriousness, dismissal habits can be difficult to break, but it’s possible and oh so worth it! 
  • If the process is going a little slow… you can always have 2 students packing up at a time… maybe a boy and a girl.
  • The last step should be a goodbye ritual between you and your students – I always offer my students a handshake, high five, or hug… this year I may throw in a fun “secret” handshake! The students know that they cannot walk out my door until they say goodbye to me. 


How do you handle dismissal in your classroom? I’m always looking for new ideas and as we all know, what may have worked this year, with this group of students, may not work with my next group of students! PLEASE share your ideas/procedure in the comments below!  


If you try one of these procedures, please let me know how it goes! I’d love to hear feedback! 🙂 

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