Third Year’s a Charm

Why hello world!!

I’ve been blogging for about 9 years, but when I started teaching full time…my blog fell off my radar. I had much bigger fish to fry (don’t worry, they weren’t any of the #littlefishteacherbloggers). But, now that I’m going into my third year of teaching, and my second year of teaching fourth grade – I feel a little more balanced and prepared. So I’m jumping back into the blogging boat! My previous blog is a more personal blog with years of personal history – so I hope you can understand why I’ve started fresh with this “teacher blog”. I probably won’t blog on my older blog anymore – which means you should get a good mix of teacher and life blog posts (but mostly teacher, since teaching takes up most of my time and is my passion).

In case you’ve been living under a rock (aka – not being obsessed with social media) there has been a serious teacher-take over… teachers have taken over periscope (if you haven’t heard of it, and love collaborating and learning new things – do yourself a favor- get the app and sign up. If you find me (@bonbrad) you can check out my following list to find hundreds of other teachers).

After the periscope-teacher-takeover (of 2015) teachers, like me, were encouraged and inspired to start their own teachers pay teachers stores. Now periscope and the worldwide teaching community has empowered and motivated many teachers to try their hands at blogging; hence my new “teacher blog”.

I can’t wait to share my classroom and my passion for teaching with each of you!!

Stay tuned for my back to school tips!!



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